How to Talk to Indian Girls | How to Text Girls (32 Proven Ways with Picture)

Texting rules change according to social media If you wanna talk on WhatsApp, it means you have the number the bond is different, If you wanna talk on Facebook or Instagram, There may be a social media barrier. If you’re not a friend then a message request isn’t sent, If you wondering how to Talk to Indian Girls on dating? It means both are searching for a relationship. So the rules of texting are different for all, But what you have to understand First, is the basic rules of How to Text Girls?

Talk to Indian Girls

Understand the basic rules of Talk to Indian Girls

1. Basic rule no.1 (Grammer)

‘No Short Form BTW for ‘By the way’ and K for ‘Okay’
She will say ‘Get lost’

After that, you don’t have to do emotional messages. It means if you say please reply to me, I will do anything for you. It will not work plus insult also.

🤷‍♂️ Let me tell you a fact India’s population is 136 Crore. From that number 48% are girls Means 65 Crore girls. So You have a lot of options, so easy, don’t be so emotional, Move on Take care of your ‘grammar’.

A very important thing that is noticeable is, If your grammar is not strong, There are many apps that correct it automatically. So Don’t have too much headache, Be yourself, Talk either in Hindi or English, But don’t try to be so cool And ‘don’t write wrong’.

2. Basic rule no.2 (Response time)

After that ‘Response time’, If a reply comes, So reply just… Wait a while stay a little bit, Then reply, Use emojis more. So It increases the fun element And She will understand sign language. If still reply coming late, or not, It means, she is not interested.

You have to back off if single-word messages and a single word coming very fast from their side. She might be lazy in texting. So think and talk On-call. Some people are lazy If replies are fast and emojis are coming from their side. This means their interest level is very high and this is the signal.

If you ask in the beginning Like your ex-boyfriend or previous relationship, If you try to be more sexting with her, that’s wrong, keep away from this at the initial stage. You have to increase the interest level and not keep the conversation boring.

3. Basic rule no.3 (How you talk)

How to Talk to Indian Girls

The very important and last point Means, How you talk’ in starting, ‘Tell more (Or Btao)’. This will not work, Have to put in some effort Send GIFs and memes, and make the conversation interesting. If no idea is coming Go to her profile, She has done something new, Used to see in the class, and She has answered something Related to it. She has posted something new…Related to it, Make a point But keep the conversation continuing.

There are 3 situations in it First, when you don’t know her, What do you do in that situation? If you don’t know, try a stranger, If mutual friends are more she will be able to trust, and more Chance of a ‘Hye’ reply chance is low If you don’t know her at all, chances are low. Now how you will start ‘Hye, Hey Beautiful’…Not I will bring Moon and Star for you…Not How to Talk? Understand a rule Dignity Work-related and impress Combination of all 3 How? In my situation when I got to the tuition, If I liked a girl, I would message her like this…

“I saw you in Amit Sir’s class”.

Everyone was just calculating you were very impressive Means, work-related, she used to come on tuition is related to that, Also appreciated, Dignity maintained, She feels, she can trust you.

4. Basic rule no.4 (conversation)

You can start the conversation, now Once you have done the message Don’t do it, again and again, you have to be patient, When you’re friends, then what will happen in that case?

In that case, your chances are more When she looks hot, then everyone will message and like her. In that situation, only do like don’t send many messages. When she uploads any motivational post or family and food-related story. Then connect more, So your chances are more to stand out there. in some cases when the girl is more beautiful, she has so many followers and boys talk about her status.

What do you have to do in that case, you have to compliment them, in that case, Everyone does compliment, But do it with some humor and dignity. For example, if she is wearing yellow, You can say ‘I have never seen yellow looking so beautiful HaHaHa’. Start a conversation with her like this, So there are chances of bonding.

If someone is trolling her in comments, Support them, with dignity without abusing them. Now, in the case of WhatsApp, there are 2 situations First, you have her number So you know her very well. When you know her, don’t do formal (Hye, hello) messages.

conversation with girl

You will get dry replies, and the conversation will not move ahead. Interesting things like any WhatsApp story of her bday party Or she has uploaded any status and when you have the number, obviously, you know her, her recent activity on social media, any birthday party
Start the conversation with any activity related to her, Like your last trip, and the pictures were really awesome, In which hotel you stayed?

Start the conversation with any such excuse. When you’re on WhatsApp groups, If you are Means directly, you don’t have her number, So what do you have to do In such a situation? You never have to message at the odd time, like, late at night and early morning.

Whenever you message, Start with the work-related group in which you are. When you get the reply, appreciate them, thank you so much for helping, And talk a little casually by using ‘Yaar’, Make her smile slightly, and then start the conversation.

Talk to Indian Girls on Dating

Now, let’s talk about how to Talk to Indian Girls on social media. If you going to Date on Bumble, and Tinder In both situations, the girl and boy are searching for each other, But in India, you will have a disadvantage, Let me tell you honestly, girls have a long line to select What boys do…she is also okay, What girls do? They are like…No Yes, She is okay, let’s see him When it comes to seeing Only pictures will not work.

Matching Fundamentals

Matching Fundamentals

You have to talk about yourself. Girls are very sensible. They wanna see what the guys do. So write about, what work you do, Write something about your passion, then write about your hobbies, If you have a pet, then post your photo with the animal or children. Chances are more of having a match as per the survey, put some humor on your profile, and write something about it, So that, she can connect, Don’t write bad quotes.

How to Talk to Indian Girls on Dating

If you thinking about how to Talk to Indian Girls about dating? The basic rules are there:

if you get the match then remember, she has a long line for ‘Hye’ and ‘How are you’ and for ‘You’re beautiful’. So if you wanna start talking, look at her pictures and bio Like, she has studied at a big university. Then ‘Did you study at that college’ ‘Okay, I know Or if you wanna give her a compliment then, give something unique compliment.

Always keep in mind that everyone gives compliments about the body and face Like ‘Hair’ And you’re carrying this very well, I’ve never seen someone carry this color and dress Something different, only 2-3 compliments out of 100, then you can stand out definitely And even if you have a body, then don’t fill the profile with shirtless pictures 1 and 2 are still fine, won’t fill, Don’t post too many group pictures, And don’t write any political issue in the bio.

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