26 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl (44+ Attractive Ways)

Most romantic relationships develop through text messages at some point. After all, you can’t be together all the time. If she’s a beautiful woman, chances are many people are texting her. Most people send the same old messages that she’s heard a million times before. So, how do you stand out? where others are using Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl lines like the as below.

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

You know you need Flirty Questions to ask him over text if you’re in the world of online dating. And if you’re looking for funny questions to ask a female on Tinder to elicit a response, look no further. What if you’re on a date with a woman? That’s correct, ask her questions to learn more about her. Remember that communication is essential. Check out our list of Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl if you’re ever stuck for questions to ask your girlfriend.

21 Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl (A Girl Advice)

So you want to flirt with a girl, but how do you start the conversation? Well, a great way to start the conversation and keep it going is to ask flirty questions. Some of these questions are deeper some are more surface-level and others are just plain flirty so let’s dive straight.

What is the most exciting thing that happened to you today I love it. it’s something that anyone can answer nothing spectacular needs to have happened in someone’s day. it
could be that they got an email that they were waiting for. they had an amazing lunch or that they met you on that day it’s a great way to show that you are interested in what a girl has to say but, in a very nice cheeky flirty way do you like to party this is a great DO YOU LIKE TO PARTY?


flirty questions, if you are looking to invite her to an after-party or a party on another day. it can naturally lead you to ask the question? but in a smooth flirty way do you like small Gatherings or big parties? Her answer to this tells you a lot about her. if she prefers small Gatherings then she might have introverted qualities that may match your own.

if she likes big parties then she’s probably an extrovert and this is also a good way to see if you guys are a good fit.


Do you like being alone or being around people, This question tells you more than you might think. if she says, she likes being alone, you need to look at her body language. She might just be saying this to get you to move along. She might actually like being around people but she does not want to speak to you right now. Sadly if she says, she likes being around people then it is a sign that she wants you to stick around.


This type of Flirty Questions allows you to gauge, How she feels about you. Just like the question do you like being alone or being around people that we discussed just before? if she is enjoying your conversation then she is likely to say yes, but if she wants to move away from the conversation then, she might say no, two other people are you shy or outspoken sometimes. flirting is simply getting to know someone and asking them about themselves listening and understanding them a little better as a person and one way to do this is to ask them questions like this one.

You might be a shy person and you want to know, if they are shy like you or you may be more extroverted and outspoken, and again you want to see if they’re like you.


Figure out where to take her on your next date. Then this is a great place to start a girl might not think of herself as an adrenaline junkie but she might like roller coasters this question is open-ended enough to allow you to find that out. if she does like some adrenaline then this tells you which kind of second date you should be planning.


This is a nice flirty way of asking a girl to dance with you. if she says yes, then you can both dance into the sunset or she might go shy and tell you that she’s just not very good at dancing well, that is your chance to be her hero so dance with her and tell her how good she is.


You want to get married someday, if this is your first time meeting and flirting with a girl. Then asking this might be coming on a little bit too strong. if you guys have been dating and flirting for a while then slip it in. It might not sound floated to you but remember this post is about “flirty questions to ask a girl” Most girls love it.

When guys talk about anything to do with commitment that’s because it gives them those butterflies on the inside.


This is a great floaty question after you have both been flirting or after you pay her a compliment by simply saying hmm, have I made you blush? It can actually make her blush. When you make a girl blush it is not just about her face going red, There is so much more to it inside her hormones are going wild, and telling her that something romantic is going on.


Using the right tone of voice with that line can be very flirty.


Foodies are often very passionate people also, once you know, you can take her to a nice restaurant. you know that she will appreciate good food.


Favorite animal I’m pretty sure everyone has a favorite animal, even if they don’t really like animals. so you can’t go wrong with this type of Flirty Questions.


Did you know? that, you can tell a lot from a person by knowing the type of music they like. if they like romantic ballads then they are probably passionate romantic. if they prefer rock music then maybe they will be tough to crack, and if they like rap music they might be quite insightful and poetic.


For one day this is a great question if you want to get her talking. it is something that she needs to think about and it’s not an easy answer. You know, you can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You have to give some insight into what countries have you been to, and whether she likes to try to travel. Well, you can find out by asking her which countries she has been to, if she has shown no interest in travel then it might not be the question to ask but if you have your suspicions then fire away.


Girls love it, When guys ask about their friends. Best friends are normally pretty similar, so asking about her best friend allows you to learn more about her too.

14. What is the best gift you have ever been given?

This is a perfect question to ask if, You have been dating for a while and you’re trying to figure out what you can get for Christmas or in the holidays. What is the best gift you have given someone, Does she give and take? asking this question allows you to find out also if, she talks about her ex-boyfriend in this question. Then it tells you she could be maybe a little bit hung up on him.


Living your life to its fullest, if you want to know what she wants in life. then ask her this, she might say I love my life but I wish I had someone to share it with. Then you know she wants a serious relationship or she might say at the moment. I feel as though I’m in a perfect place which tells you she might be open to a one-night stand situation.


Secret talents maybe she can tie a cherry stick in a bow with her tongue or her secret Talent is that she can sing really well. Either way, this question can start as something innocent and quickly become something more, so why not share any secret talents you have with her?

17. Do you have a favorite thing to do to relax?

Is she an active relaxer or does she prefer to really relax with Netflix or a book? it shows your real interest in her. When you ask this type of question, it’s kind of sweet but you can turn this super flirty by letting her know, what you do to relax. Hint: it might be something that you do in the bedroom try not to say it in a creepy way just lower your voice a little to make it sound more flirty.


Dreams tell us so much about, what is going on in our own minds and they are very personal. So if a girl tells you her dreams there is that level of trust building. Trust is incredibly important to girls especially when it comes to going to bed with a guy. So it’s important to start building it early on.

19. Are you always this much fun?

Girls love being told that they are fun and that if you are having a good time she is making it so fun. Then why not acknowledge it, this is a compliment and a flirty question all rolled into one.

20. Where would you take me on a date?

Now you can flip the script and ask her why she would take you on a date. Once she tells you what she plans. You can say well, when are you taking me there, that way the ball is in her Court to organize the next date.


Say your best quality is once she opens up and tells you what she thinks her best quality is. you can dive in and tell her that you agree with it. it’s smooth and she probably won’t see this one coming.

πŸ’– Romantic Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl πŸ’–

When you meet someone who understands you and chooses to spend their life with you, love gets sweeter. Let us not overlook the excitement of spending time with your partner. It’s a great thing to see two individuals come together.

Here are some romantic Flirty Questions you can ask your girlfriend to discover new things about her. Try texting her one of these questions early in the morning.

🌼 I love your dress. What’s the style called?
πŸ’­ Guess what I like about you the most?
🍽️ Is this your favorite restaurant?
πŸ’˜ When did you first fall in love with me?
🏠 Do you frequent this clubhouse?
πŸ”₯ Describe making love in three adjectives.
πŸ’‘ How do you like a guy to express his feelings?
🌠 What’s your idea of a perfect date?
πŸ‘€ Which trait of mine first attracted you to me? What’s your favorite trait of mine now?
πŸŽ₯ What’s the most romantic movie you’ve ever seen?
😊 What did you think about me when you first saw me?
🀫 Can you share something from your life that you’ve never shared with anyone else?
❀️ Is there such a thing as being too much in love?
🎁 What is your idea of the perfect romantic gift?
🌍 If I could take you to any place in the world right now, where would you want to go?
πŸ’ What were your feelings when we had our first kiss?
🎢 Which song comes to your mind when you think of me?
😊 What’s behind that smile of yours, I wonder?
πŸ˜„ What’s the one thing about a relationship that makes you the happiest?
πŸ“Έ What are the memories between us that you cherish the most?
πŸ€” Is it too early to tell you how amazing I feel around you?
😁 Can you name three things that always make you smile?
πŸ€— Do you prefer a good hug or a good kiss?
🀰 Do you think you’ll ever want to settle down and have kids?
πŸ’‘ Do you prefer a good hug or a good kiss?

πŸ’« Exciting Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl πŸ’«

🧐 How can I get to know you more?
🌟 Would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?
πŸ€— Do you like hugs? I think hugs are the best.
πŸ’ž Do you think you could fall in love tonight?
πŸ€” Who are you? I simply must know.
🧐 So, what would you like to know about me?
πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Do you have any flaws? I’m trying to find one and can’t.
πŸ˜ƒ You make me smile. Can I return the favor?
🌹 Are you a romantic? A hopeless one?
πŸ’ƒ You know you look beautiful tonight, right? I don’t have to tell you, do I?
πŸ‘οΈ What color are my eyes?
πŸ‘‚ What makes you tick?
🌍 If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
🧐 I want to know everything about you. Where would you like to start?
πŸ€— Whatcha doing right now?
πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Do you like guys who ask a lot of questions?
πŸ˜„ Are you always this much fun?
πŸ“± What’s a girl like you doing on an app like this?
πŸ€” What am I thinking of right now? Guess.
🀯 What am I thinking of right now? Guess.
🌟 What are you doing for the rest of your life?
β˜‚οΈ Would you like to share my umbrella with me?
πŸŒ„ Are you feeling adventurous?
πŸ™„ What’s your biggest pet peeve? I’ll try my best to avoid it.
πŸ‘οΈ Where did you get eyes like that?
😍 Have you noticed me noticing you yet?
😏 Were you just checking me out? I don’t know, I’m pretty sure you were checking me out.
πŸŒ„ Want to go on an adventure together?
πŸ“… Do you have plans this weekend? Want to make some?
πŸ¦‹ When’s the last time you felt butterflies?
πŸ’­ What are you thinking of right now?
πŸ’¬ What’s the one thing you could talk about forever?
πŸ˜• Are you bored right now?
🀫 Want to know a secret?
πŸ“š What was the last book you read? I’ll read it too, and then we can talk about it.
πŸͺ‘ Is this seat taken?

πŸ’Ÿ Personal Questions to Ask a Girl πŸ’Ÿ

You’ve learned the basic concepts. Not sure how to take the discussion further? These intimate Flirty Questions to ask a girl are ideal for learning more about her without interfering too much. Here you have it:

🀫 What are your secret skills?
πŸ—£οΈ What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
πŸ™ What’s your biggest regret?
πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?
πŸŒ† If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
πŸ€” What’s your worst trait?
πŸ€ͺ What is the strangest habit you have?
πŸ™ˆ What’s something you’re extremely self-conscious about?
β˜€οΈ What’s the one thing that motivates you the most to get up in the morning?
🌟 What’s the most important aspect of living a good life?
🌎 If you could send a message to the whole world and they would listen, what message would you give?
❓ What is something you wish you could unlearn?
🧐 If you were a stereotype, what would you be?

🌟 Short Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl 🌟

πŸ€” How well do you know your siblings?
✈️ Have you ever traveled outside your city?
⏰ What is your favorite time to work?
πŸŒͺ️ What gets you excited?
πŸ’¬ Who do you share your intimate thoughts with?
🎬 Which old movie is still fresh in your memory?
🌹 Have you realized you are an attractive woman?
πŸ’„ Your skin glows. What’s your beauty secret?
πŸ’¬ Can you tell me what your name means?
🚢 Something in your smiles draws me into desiring more of you. Can I know your name?
πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I couldn’t hold back my stares, so I walked up to you to have a better look. Is the seat close by taken?
☺️ Will you mind stepping out of this room with me?
πŸ˜„ You seem to have a very cheerful personality. What makes you tick?

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Get Her in the Mood

🍦 If you could nickname me an ice cream, what ice cream would it be?
🌌 What’s the most romantic date you’ve ever been on?
πŸ’‘ What’s the most important trait for a romantic relationship to be successful?
πŸ’ What is your dream honeymoon?
πŸ’Œ Is communication more important than intimacy in a relationship?
😴 What’s the sexiest dream you’ve ever had?
πŸ‘° Do you want to have a big wedding or a small one just for those close to you?
😘 What are your feelings about our first kiss?
πŸ’‹ Do you prefer a passionate kiss or a long, warm hug?
πŸ’­ What are the memories between us that you cherish the most?
πŸ–οΈ Would you prefer love on a sandy beach or in the beach water?
😁 What’s the one thing about a relationship that makes you the happiest?

Flirty Questions to ask a girl to make her laugh over text

If you’re on a quest for love or simply want to make your chats with girls better, having a bunch of interesting questions at your fingertips is a great advantage. Below are flirty questions to ask a girl through text:

“If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be, and why?”
“What’s the funniest movie you’ve ever seen, and can you quote a line from it?”
“If animals could talk, which one do you think would be the funniest to converse with?”
“Have you ever had a hilarious mishap while cooking? Share the story!”
“If you were a stand-up comedian, what would your opening joke be?”
“What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on a date?”
“If you could switch lives with a famous comedian for a day, who would it be?”
“Do you have any funny childhood stories your friends always bring up?”
“If you were a character in a comedy sitcom, what would your catchphrase be?”
“What’s your go-to funny YouTube video that never fails to make you laugh?”

Flirty Questions to ask a girl to make her laugh over text
Flirty Questions to ask a girl to make her laugh over text 1

Flirty Questions to ask a girl to make her blush

Hey, I need your advice. What are some flirty questions to ask a girl to make her blush? Haha, you’re up to some monkey, aren’t you? πŸ˜„ Sure thing, here are a few:

“What’s the most attractive thing about you that you think nobody has noticed?”
“If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be?”
“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” πŸ˜‰
“What’s your idea of a perfect date?”
“If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go, and who would you take with you?”

Very funny flirty questions to ask (10 Questions)

Question 1: If we were stuck in a lift together, what would you do to pass the time?

Question 2: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Question 3: If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber! What vegetable would I be?

Question 4:On a scale of 1 to 10, how good are you at giving cheesy pickup lines?

Question 5: If we were in a romantic comedy, what would our quirky meet-cute be?

Question 6: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on a date?

Question 7: If we could time travel, where and when would you take me on our first date?

Question 8: If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be and why?

Question 9: What’s your go-to dance move when no one’s watching?

Question 10: If you had to serenade someone right now, what song would you sing and why?

Subtle flirty Questions to ask a girl

Here is a Examples of some Subtle Flirt Questions to ask a Girl:

User1: Hey there! 😊 Hope you’re doing great!

User2: Hi! πŸ˜„ Yeah, I’m good, thanks. How about you?

User1: I’m good too! So, I was thinking, do you have any favorite movies that you’d recommend? πŸŽ₯

User2: Oh, definitely! I love romantic comedies. What about you?

User1: Romantic comedies, huh? That’s interesting! πŸ˜„ What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done or experienced?

User2: Hmm, that’s a tough one! I guess I’ll have to think about it. What about you? Any romantic stories to share?

User 1: Well, I once wrote a love letter in high school! πŸ’Œ It was a bit cheesy, to be honest. Have you ever written one?

User 2: That’s sweet! I’ve never actually written a love letter, but it sounds like a lovely idea. What would yours say if you were to write one now?

User 1: If I were to write one to you, it might go like, “Every moment with you feels like a beautiful adventure, and I can’t wait to see where it leads us.” 😊

User 2: That’s so charming! 😍 You’re quite the romantic, aren’t you? What’s your idea of a perfect date?

User 1: I’d say a cozy dinner followed by a moonlit walk on the beach. How about you? What’s your ideal date?

User 2: That sounds amazing! My ideal date would be a picnic in a scenic park, just enjoying good food and each other’s company. 🍽️

User 1: That sounds perfect too! 🌳 If we were on a picnic together, what kind of food would you want to bring?

User 2: I’d go for sandwiches, fruits, and some chocolate for dessert. What about you? Any picnic food preferences?

User 1: I’d definitely bring some homemade snacks and a delicious cake for dessert. πŸ˜‹

User 2: Sounds yummy! 🍰 Well, this has been a fun conversation. Thanks for the great questions!

User 1: You’re welcome! πŸ˜„ It’s been a pleasure chatting with you. If you ever want to continue our conversation, just drop me a message!

User 2: I will! Have a fantastic day! 😊

Final Thoughts on Asking Questions to a Girl You Like

πŸ‘‰ Remember, these are just conversation starters. Drop any assumptions and keep the lines of communication open. We feel that these ‘Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl’ will help you take your relationship one step at a time. Oh, At last, Don’t forget to comment below if you have any new ideas. Thank you, Readers!

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