118+ Dirty Most Likely Questions to Ask

These dirty most likely to questions are designed to lead to intimate and naughty conversations between you and your partner. You can even use the dirty version of certain questions with your friends too. Using these messy ones, likely to cause questions with your G. Friend/partner, is a good way to make things more personal between you. There are lots of juicy talks here that will get both of you in the mood.

Dirty Most Likely Questions with picture

You can also use it as a game among friends. These juicy hottest possible questions offer up some interesting questions that will reveal what you really think about each other. Also provides tons of fun!

If you want to get close to your partner or have a laugh with your friends, we have some funny questions for you to choose from below!

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Most Likely To Question Dirty

Who is Most Likely to…

  • Be caught watching prn?
  • Masturb#te in a public place?
  • Sleep with a colleague?
  • Get caught with their ex? Most likely to fall asleep during sx?
  • Forget the name of a person they hooked up with?
  • Cheat on their partner?
  • Go to a strip club?
  • Try a threesome?
  • Date two guys at once?
  • Make a sx tape? Most likely to build a sx dungeon?
  • Have a one-night stand?
  • Moan the loudest during s*x?
  • Be into B_Di_S_M?
  • Hook up with their boss?
  • Sleep with someone on the first date?
  • Not use protection?
  • Make the first move?
  • Get caught hooking up with someone in public?

Dirty Most Likely To Questions For Couples

Who is Most Likely to…

  • Engage in car s*x?
  • Propose having s*x in a friend’s bathroom?
  • Use their teeth to strip their partner?
  • Use crude humor to flirt?
  • Start sexting?
  • Pursue a workplace colleague?
  • Go out with two people simultaneously?
  • Want to converse on the pillow?
  • Record sx?
  • Have office s_x frequently?
  • Mispronounce their date’s name?
  • Kiss a stranger to win a bet?
  • Enjoy morning sx?
  • Enjoy rough sx?
  • Have one-night stands?
  • Spend the night naked?
  • Do it at the kitchen table?
  • Have handcuffs in their bedroom?
  • Wander the home naked?
  • Exaggerate how many partners they’ve had?
  • Crack crude jokes?
  • Seek discreet sx in an elevator?
  • Leave work early to get something quick?
  • Search for s*x jobs?
  • Make out with someone at a party?

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Juicy and Dirty Most Likely To Questions

Who is Most Likely to…

  • Experiment with food items during s#x?
  • Search for dating tips online?
  • Fall in love with a stripper?
  • Send a nude picture?
  • Drunk dial an ex?
  • Naughty videos on their phone?
  • Caught smashing their ex?
  • Dream about making out with their celebrity crush?
  • Say the wrong name while having s#x?
  • Doze off during s#x?
  • Overshare details of their s#x life?
  • Hide a hickey?
  • Be showered with compliments about their sexy physique?
  • Make out in a photo booth?
  • Take pictures of themselves in the shower?
  • Make out with more than one person on the same day?
  • Send a naughty text after the first date?
  • Enjoy skinny-dipping in winter?
  • Do a walk of shame?
  • Have s#x on a flight?
  • Send a naughty text/photo to the wrong person?

Spicy and Dirty Most Likely To Questions

Who is Most Likely to…

  • Attend a s#x party?
  • Join a nudist colony?
  • Cry during s#x?
  • Tell naughty jokes?
  • Go out with two people at the same time?
  • Lie about the number of people they have slept with?
  • Befriend zoned after a terrible kiss?
  • Get involved with their boss?
  • Sleep naked?
  • Have multiple one-night stands?
  • Pose n*de for a portrait?
  • Go on a blind date?
  • All their date by the wrong name?
  • Try to score with a widow?
  • Make out with an ex?
  • Give good s#x advice?
  • Hit on a co-worker?
  • Have s#x on public transport?
  • Sleep with a stranger?
  • Have a weird s*xual fetish?

Kinky and Dirty Most Likely To Questions

Who is Most Likely to…

  • Do you want to try an#l?
  • Fool around with someone of the same gender?
  • Fart during the act?
  • Be h#rny?
  • Fall asleep during fore play?
  • Not to want to use contraception?
  • Send n*des first?
  • Want to try doing it via virtual reality?
  • Of had a crush on the teacher?
  • Put music on while doing it?
  • Turn the other on with an ice cube?
  • Have more previous partners?
  • Shower after being intimate?
  • Walk around the house in their underwear?
  • The naughtiest in the bedroom?
  • Do it during their period?
  • Bring lube into the bedroom?
  • Have lost their virginity first?
  • Introduce toys into the bedroom?
  • Be more flexible in the bedroom?

Naughty and Dirty Most Likely To Questions

Who is Most Likely to…

  • Get caught with their ex a day before the wedding?
  • Gift their S.O. with edible lingerie?
  • Wear sexy lingerie underneath their work clothes?
  • Laugh out loud while doing it?
  • Have naughty dreams about the other?
  • Regrets after sleeping with someone?
  • Get embarrassed during s#x?
  • Get caught wearing a trench coat with nothing else?
  • Make the strangest noises while doing it?
  • Review what happened after doing it?
  • Get frisky with someone in a bathroom?
  • Make a big mistake in the bedroom?
  • Take a toy out in public with them?
  • Watch p#rn first thing in the morning?
  • Plan a date night that involves dirty texting?
  • Have high expectations of the other?
  • Want a powerful and spiritual experience in the bedroom?
  • Sleep naked or wearing the other’s shirt?
  • Get a piercing in their private area?
  • Have fears when it comes to trying new things in the bedroom?

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