Top Corpse Bride Quotes With Images

We have gets some Corpse Bride Quotes for you! As you know Corpse Bride is a stop-motion animated musical fantasy film released in 2005 directed by Mike Johnson, and by one more person, Can you guess who? yep, that’s right Tim Burton, i mean yeah his name is literally on the title which is a bit of a giveaway, but also just by looking at the visuals going on. This is definitely a Tim Burton film the plot is set in England during the Victorian times.

As we follow our main character Victor, who has arranged to marry a young lady named Victoria. As a mutual benefit for their parents, however, while practicing his vows Victor accidentally marries a deceased woman named Emily and is brought down to the world of the dead, leading him to find a way to get back before Victoria is married off to another person. So, after knowing these interesting facts we have decided to bring some Corpse Bride Quotes for you.

Corpse Bride Quotes With Images

Corpse Bride Quotes with funny Images is actually the character around Emily. To bring some fun we have designed a few images based on Corpse Bride.

Corpse Bride Quotes by Emily

So, Now Take a look at these Corpse Bride Quotes by Emily, the main character behind the movie.

We need to go up. To step into the world of those who are alive. – Corpse Bride Emily

I spent so long in the …darkness….I’d almost …forgotten… how beautiful the moonlight is! – Corpse Bride Emily

Corpse Bride Quotes With Images 1

I know that I am …dead…, yet it appears that I still have some …tears to shed…” – Corpse Bride Emily

I do. – Corpse Bride Emily

You set me free. Now I can do the same for you. – Corpse Bride Emily

He just walked off without saying a word. Are all men like this? – Corpse Bride Emily

Maybe perhaps he does belong with her. Little Miss Living, with her cheeks as red as roses and a heart that beats with joy – Emily

Oh, I almost forgot. I have something for you. It’s a wedding present. – Corpse Bride Emily

But my heart, it’s like it’s hurting even though it doesn’t thump. It feels like it’s shattering into pieces, and this ache inside me, it’s hard to believe it’s not true. – Corpse Bride Emily

He’s not my …boyfriend…, he’s my husband. – Corpse Bride Emily

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Corpse Bride Romantic And Funny Quotes

We have seen millions of people around the world love Corpse Bride characters. They never forget their symbols, Corpse Bride quotes show how it is a story of romance and affection full of ironic and unexpected events. Below we have prepared Corpse Bride Romantic And Funny Quotes for you to remind him.

Corpse Bride Quotes With Images 2
  1. I spent so long in the darkness, I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is! -Corpse Bride Emily.
  2. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Tell me, my dear, can a heart feel pain even when it’s not beating anymore? -Barkis Bittern.
  1. Isn’t the view beautiful? It takes my breath away. Well, it would if I had any. -Emily the Corpse Bride.
  1. A sad story about love, strong feelings, and a very cruel murder! -Bonejangles.
  1. I was a bride. My dreams were taken from me. But now I have taken these feelings from someone else. Victor, I care for you deeply, but I know you belong to someone else! -Corpse Bride Emily.
  1. Please return! I admire a woman with a healthy body! -Bonejangles.
  1. But it feels like there are still more tears left inside me to cry. -Corpse Bride Emily.
  1. Corpse Bride: Pardon my enthusiasm. Victor Van Dort: I like your enthusiasm. ‘Corpse Bride’.
  2. Excuse me. You don’t know me but I used to live with your dead mother. -Maggot.
  3. If I wasn’t sitting here, I’d think you’ve gone crazy,” said Maggot.
  4. Corpse Bride Emily said, “We have to go up. Upstairs? To visit the world of the living
  5. Elder Gutknecht: Land of the living? Oh, my dear.
  6. Emily the Corpse Bride: Please, Elder Gutknecht.
  7. Elder Gutknecht asked, “Why go up there when everyone’s so excited to come down here?
  8. Marriage is a like partnership, where both people give and take equally. It’s a bond where we support each other, understanding each other’s feelings and needs -Maudeline Everglot.
  9. If I ever lay eyes on that Van Dort boy again, I’ll be so angry I might want to shake some sense into him!-Maudeline Everglot
  10. Your hands are too fat, and your hands are too thin. You’ll have to use a rope.” ‘Corpse Bride’.
  11. With this candle, I’ll guide you through dark times. With this ring, I’m asking you to stay by my side. -Victor Van Dort.
  12. I don’t even know your name- Maggot
  13. That’s a great way to start a marriage.- ‘Corpse Bride’.

Unforgettable Corpse Bride Quotes

Unforgettable Corpse Bride Quotes reminds us about their important characters. You won’t forget these quotes from the movie!

  1. Marriage is like a partnership, a little tit for tat. – Maudeline Everglot
  2. It’s true, Victor married a dead woman! I saw her. – Victoria Everglot
  3. What happens if Victor and I don’t get along? What if we don’t like each other? – Victoria Everglot
  4. That’s enough! We’ll gather all the money we can and leave this place.– Lord Barkis
  5. He couldn’t get far—with those cold feet. – Maggot
  6. I always felt that I should have something more than just working as a fish seller. – Nell Van Dort
  7. Wedding feast, I’m salivating. – Maggot
  8. Do you think that has anything to do with getting married? Do you think your father and I even like each other?– Maudeline Everglot
  9. Everything will go as planned—she will marry. – Finis Everglot
  10. A sad story about love, strong feelings, and a terrible crime of murder!– Bonejangles

Wrapping Up

Tim Burton has been a very successful director. “Corpse Bride” is one of his biggest achievements. This movie made almost three times the money it took to make it, which means it was a big success. We really wish that the quotes from “Corpse Bride” have touched your heart and made you want to watch the movie and share these quotes with your loved ones. Hope you likes these lines, and don’t forgett to Share these Corpse Bride Quotes to your friends and on your social feeds.

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